Class 09: Learning and Skill Enhancement

Class 09: Learning and Skill Enhancement


When you purchase a class, you will within one business day (usually the same day) receive a schedule showing availabilities for the next three weeks for the class you are requesting.

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A minimum of seven (7) attendees is required for a class to be activated.  In order to assure personalized attention is given to all attendees, we limit class size to twenty (20).  Exceptions are granted for classes requested by groups, organizations, teams, etc.

Paid attendees are admitted into the class they have chosen.

If you choose to purchase multiple classes in advance, we offer discounts.  Those discounts are explained by our agents.

We look forward to having you attend with us!



If you've been telling yourself, "I really need to learn (fill in the blank with your language of choice)", this is the class for you.

We will show you how to set up a ChatGPT mentor app on your phone that will teach you that language you've been promising yourself you wanted to learn.  You will be given the prompts to use to ask your mentor to teach you what you want to study instead of a prescribed lesson plan.

Also, we'll show you how to learn new skills at a much faster rate!  Pick that skill!  Become more proficient and set the level of knowledge you want to master in that skill. Then have ChatGPT show you how!

When you interact with AI and have it be your mentor, it will give you assignments, help you learn your new skill, and correct you when you need to improve.


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