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achieve greatness with AI-enhanced coaching

Boost productivity by up to 5x, reduce waste, and recover lost capacity

through custom-tailored action plans


We are a team of your average people who realize that there is a large percentage of the population out there that needs AI only to help them with their daily tasks. If you're one of those high-tech individuals who is on the cutting edge of AI creating lots of powerful, complex functions for industries, we thank you for developing advancements we all can benefit from... But if you're an average person just wanting to see how AI may help you with basic research, a few tips and tricks on checking emails, writing letters and developing a nice presentation slide deck occasionally, then look at our classes. We believe you're going to find several that enhance your work, save you time, help you grow new skills at a pace you didn't expect, and allow you to go about your day more effortlessly than ever before. Sign up today and give us a try!

  • We are ready to show you how AI can assist you with your everyday stuff!
  • We'll show you how to shorten some of the work you do from hours down to minutes, if not seconds.
  • And we'll give you a few fun tips and tricks you can try to create your own designs, artwork, and graphics.
  • Let's get busy together!

Co-Founder, Black-Belt Level Instructor
Co-Founder, Black-Belt Level Instructor

Our Services

Our AI-Powered Coaching Services

Project - Consulting

Custom projects for your unique challenge

Custom Built Courses

Custom designed courses for your business needs

Instructor Led Courses

Standard suite of 10 training courses for basic AI use

Why Choose Us?

We coach people to solve real world problems both home and at work

Charity Fundraiser

Allowed me to take a fundraising campaign idea and generate an image and a compelling proposal of what the vision of our charity was trying to accomplish. We used this image and the fundraiser was a success.

School Project

Custom Built a slogan and generate an image for T-shirts for an elementary school class celebrating 100 days of learning. Themed around fairies.

Online Marketing

Learned how to build a PowerPoint for SEO training that saved 3-4 hours of time versus 20 min.

How it Works

Initial Consultation

Meet and build your custom plan

Build a Customized Coaching Plan

Map your process and build your company goals (e.g. reduce process time by 50%)

Ongoing Support and Adjustments

Build standard company prompts and improvement tools and execute workshops

Ongoing support and adjustments

Meet regularly and review and update as needed

Lets meet and make your plan

Get Started

Latest Technology to find solutions

Utilize cutting-edge AI technology to uncover tailored solutions for your unique challenges.

Continuous Improvement Methods and Tools

Build a strong foundation with proven, industry-recognized tools and best practices.

World class support and instruction

Receive personalized, world-class support and instruction to achieve your goals.

Initial Consult


Meet and plan for your specific needs

Group Consultation


Build customize plan specific to your process up to 90 min. Classes are usually 75 min.

Execute Plan

$150 / hr

Best option for small businesses, start ups and personal projects

Standard Course / Basic Training

$50 / class

Best option for getting individual basic prompt using AI